Grupo Folklorico
"Los Jateros"

From the beginning, LOS JATEROS keeps a dance and music school for children. About 200 boys and girls from Fregenal de la Sierra join it.

The school is from October to June, having classes and trainings in the regular place of the group, all afternoons, from Monday to Saturday.

Nowadays, all learners are from 5 to 14 years old, getting to the teenager section, and later on, to the adult section of the group. Being like that, the group always has a big farm team in order to fill the adult section of the group, which is formed by 70 people.

There are 7 instructors who are managing these children sections. All of them belong to the adult section of the group, doing this job in an altruistic way.

Grupo Folklorico "Los Jateros"