Grupo Folklorico
"Los Jateros"
Our Festival

We are organizers of the International Festival de la Sierra - FESTISIERRA, it is celebrated annually from the end of July until the middle of August, getting folklore near the village of Fregenal.

Musicians and dancers offer several performances to thousands of spectators who go and see every night show at the Festival.

Furthermore, apart from folkloric groups coming from the five continents and many Spanish communities, the Festival is a meeting point for makers, sellers and visitors.

To the night shows in the main stage, we should add a Folk en la Sierra performance, a folk music festival with groups from different communities and countries who connect perfectly with hundreds of young people who go to the Festival. There is always Celtic music there. We have too a show called Flamenco en la Sierra, where singers, players and dancers from different places participate.

The Folkloric Group LOS JATEROS is permanently in touch with other national and international festivals, for having exchanges with other groups.

For further information, please visit the FESTISIERRA website.

Grupo Folklorico "Los Jateros"